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Expats Service, LLC
Адрес: Office 306, 246 А, Lenina St.
Телефон/факс: 74-24-70 - Tel./ fax
E-mail: expatservice@sakhalin.ru
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Ladies and Gentlemen,
As foreign companies operating or intending to operate within the Russian Federation, or employing Russian companies overseas, besides the language difficulties there is the need to comply with all Russian Federation regulations.
In order to both encourage and facilitate the process of working in Russia, Expats Service LLC was opened in 2003. This young and dedicated company is focused on the provision of logistics and communication support for Expatriates to ensure that your personnel resources are available in Russia to meet your requirements, where and when you need them.
We are the fastest, in accordance with all legal requirements, service oriented company on Sakhalin Island for the provision of visa services – we GUARANTEE it.
Our company provides a range of services that can be used individually or as a package to ensure the complete security, processing and safety of your personnel for all your operative requirements in the Russian Far East including:

- visa support
- work permits and restricted area permits processing
- companies’ registration
- hotel and tickets’ reservation
- transportation within Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (minivan with chauffeur)
- living in hotel-style fully serviced apartments
We believe offer a superior service and guarantee the highest level of customer satisfaction through our experience, dedication and understanding of your needs. We gauge and monitor our performance based on best practice, timely delivery and most importantly, your satisfaction.
Expats Service will pick-up and deliver all Visa and Passport materials from and to your company in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

In fact we guarantee you will save your time and frustrations as a result of our efforts.

Expats Service is always ready to serve you. We are looking forward to a long and mutually rewarding association.

For more information please contact us .

Expats Service can be reached Monday through Friday, 9:00 am -- 6:00 pm Phone / fax: 8(4242)74-24-70 (from within Russia)
+7(4242)74-24-70 (outside Russia)
E-mail: expatservice@sakhalin.ru

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1. Expats Service, LLC
Office 306, 246 А, Lenina St.