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АНО «Молодежное объединение развития международного сотрудничества»!

Наша организация создана с важной миссией – мы стремимся к развитию двусторонних и многосторонних отношений России с другими государствами в сфере международного сотрудничества и развития контактов среди молодежи.

Наша главная цель – предоставление возможности молодым людям почувствовать себя частью международного сообщества, обрести уникальный опыт и найти единомышленников.

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Discussion Club on the topic: «Foreign policy priorities of the Republic of Moldova: present and future» 🇲🇩

On February 27 was held a round table within the framework of the ANO “YAIC” Discussion Club on the topic: “FOREIGN POLICY PRIORITIES OF THE REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA: PRESENT AND FUTURE" 🇲🇩

📣 Russian and foreign students, young experts in the field of international relations and European journalists took part as speakers and listeners.

✔ The participants discussed the prospects for the accession of the Republic of Moldova to the EU, the current state of relations with Russia, the existing challenges to the territorial integrity and military neutrality of Chisinau, as well as the status of the Moldovan, Romanian and Russian languages ​​on the territory of Moldova and Transnistria.

📌 As a result of the event, a common understanding was reached on the necessity to:

🔹 maintain the military neutrality of the Republic of Moldova;

🔹launch negotiation process with the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic as a peaceful mechanism for maintaining state integrity and sovereignty;

🔹maintain an independent foreign policy of the country;

🔹provide such domestic and foreign policy activities, which would primarily meet the socio-economic interests of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova and Transnistria;

🔹strengthen the Russian-Moldovan cultural dialogue at the level of students and young experts.

We thank the participants for their involvement and fruitful dialogue 🤝



27 февраля 2023г.

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